Trying Something New…and Lovin’ It

Cooking is an Art

Today I made a wonderful muffin recipe I found from  She is right here on WordPress and this particular post inspired me.  Her blog as a whole is inspiring.  Check it out!

Meyer Lemons are a cross between lemons and mandarin oranges.

The only alteration I made to the recipe is to change the oven temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  Know your oven, adjust accordingly.

The result:


Now I am in love with Meyer Lemons.  There are so many recipes.  I would like to try them all!  Next up: Meyer Lemon Bread with Blood Orange Glaze.

The photos are courtesy of Exartizo Images.  Check ’em out!  They also have a blog,


Just Another In Bread Cat

Buttons Marie started her medication for hyperthyroidism today.  It is the liquid version, chicken flavored.  She was a brave girl and swallowed it all in one gulp!  Then, I decided to torture her, oops, I mean, film her being adorable.

This is also a great opportunity to inform others of some of the symptoms of a thyroid issue in your cats.

  • weight loss
  • lethargy
  • hyperactivity
  • depression
  • heart murmur

There are other symptoms, but these were found in Buttons Marie by the vet.

Finally, A Video

It has taken longer than I anticipated to edit my videos.  I’m a little rusty.

This is my first adventure in art in which I make bird feeders.

What should be my next adventure?

Thanks for watching and please spread the word, comment, and like. 🙂

But There’s a Cat on My Lap…


This seems to be his permanent spot.

The card was sent out today.  No, I did not get a picture.

This past weekend my sister helped me make an ‘Adventures in Art’ episode.  It will be uploaded this week at

It seems wrong for me to schedule art.  Inspiration is my preferred mode of creation.  But at the same time with work at 40 hours and statistics homework…maybe it is time to stick to an agenda.

Attempt at Art

Today is supposed to bring my very first adventure in art for Buttons Marie Art, but there’s a cat on my lap.

Attention Seeker

He looks adorable until he starts chewing on my hair and licking my jeans…  He’s cute until he licks my fingers and face. He’s already knocked over a tote of junk in the closet, so this is the most peaceful he’s been all day. How can I push him off and start my work?  He obviously needs attention.

Today’s adventure is nothing daunting, just a card. Not just a card, a homemade card. Not just a homemade card, but a homemade card for one of my nearest and dearest friends. Not near as in distance away from me, for she is across this country. Near as in close to my heart. She sent me a book about New Zealand. It’s my dream to one day visit.

Another thing working against me at the moment, my tape adhesive:


Art is not always easy.  While I may feel inspired, sometimes I feel my tools are against me.

I’ll post a picture of my project when it is completed.

Hello world!

For my first blog post, I will copy pasta my about me section.

Buttons Marie is my baby. No, not a child, a kitty-cat. She is now fourteen years old and still as feisty as ever. She has been with me through thick and thin in life and after all she’s put up with me over the years (I used to dress her up and have her play air guitar), she deserves an art company named after her.

As far as an about me section…

I’m a quarter of century old and art is an avenue for fun, for distraction from life’s everyday monotony and trouble. Art is soothing and inspiring. When I was younger, I used to do a lot of crafts and coloring and drawing, writing, playing instruments, and singing. Then, as my mother likes to say, the computer came into the house. Art took a back seat to games and the internet. Now I want to get my hands messy again, with paint and clay and glitter! Not necessarily together…but why not? While I would like to say I will post a blog everyday, this is not feasible at the moment with the other duties and obligation of everyday, work and school and life. I would like to blog every week. This is not to say I will be engaging in art merely once a week. There will be a weekly update of my adventures.