Trying Something New…and Lovin’ It

Cooking is an Art

Today I made a wonderful muffin recipe I found from  She is right here on WordPress and this particular post inspired me.  Her blog as a whole is inspiring.  Check it out!

Meyer Lemons are a cross between lemons and mandarin oranges.

The only alteration I made to the recipe is to change the oven temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  Know your oven, adjust accordingly.

The result:


Now I am in love with Meyer Lemons.  There are so many recipes.  I would like to try them all!  Next up: Meyer Lemon Bread with Blood Orange Glaze.

The photos are courtesy of Exartizo Images.  Check ’em out!  They also have a blog,


2 thoughts on “Trying Something New…and Lovin’ It

  1. these are beautiful! your photos are fabulous! didn’t they come together easily? and yes… delicious! well done!
    thanks for the shout out. 😉

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